AZoM Interview: 3 Challenges of Plastics Testing


Our own Richard Goshgarian, Market Manager for the Global Plastics Testing Market, talks with AZoM about the three main challenges encountered when testing plastics. Based on months of dedicated time with customers, coupled with his expertise as an active member of the ASTM and ISO organizations, Richard addresses the following challenges:

  1. Compliance to Test Standards—Changes and Misconceptions
  2. Factors that Influence Results
  3. Efficiency/Throughput

“Not having this knowledge [to understand the many factors that can influence a result] makes it very difficult to obtain accurate and/or repeatable results. This in turn often leads to lower confidence in results, both for a lab’s personnel and for a lab’s customers, both internally and externally. Countless time can also be lost when someone without this knowledge tries to troubleshoot data-related issues as time spent troubleshooting problems or re-running experiments is effectively deemed as downtime or as lost opportunity for the lab. It is true that some issues can be resolved easily, but often there can be no obvious clues that suggest what the issue may be. This fact, in combination with there being many different possible factors, is what can make it so challenging for test labs and personnel to resolve issues in a timely manner.”

Read the full interview on to hear what Richard suggests to overcome these challenges.

Originally posted on April 28, 2015 , Updated On March 23, 2021