Origami-based structures under Impact load

Meiji University (Japan) is using a 9450 impact drop tower to uncover the structural dynamic behaviour associated to the real compression phenomena of their Origami based structures.

Nowadays, Impact test is playing a vital role in materials’ design and validation, especially in finite element method (FEM) analysis and Automotive applications. The impact strength is one of the most crucial properties for polymer-based materials as well as for prototypes and parts. Using reliable Drop Tower impact testing machines is therefore essential. To achieve this important goal, a leading Japanese teaching institute, Meiji University turned to Instron Impact Drop Tower test equipment

Meiji University is one of the best universities in Japan and has the history for 140 years. From its founding, it has sent out 570,000 graduates around the world, with alumni in diverse fields such as world politics, business, culture, entertainment, sports, and mass media. Meiji University's alumni have included: Japan's first female lawyer, 2 Japan prime ministers, hundreds of national politicians, company presidents and artists. Constantly playing a major role in Japan's development, the school of Science and Technology - which includes the Department of Mechanical Engineering - is at the heart of Meiji University day-to-day research and development (R&D) activity.


Absence of Impact testing solutions can harm materials research and development.

Meiji University was among the first Japanese Universities to purchase the latest generation of Instron impact drop towers machines. At Meiji University, there is an advanced research team for Origami Engineering studying applications to components.


Origami is an art form in which an object or model is created using only paper that is folded into a variety of shapes. Scientists and engineers are finding practical applications for the Japanese art form in materials and design engineering to make practical honeycomb and deployable structures that change their shape. Folding gives engineers a way to think about shape transformation as well as materials deformation behaviours.


Meiji University has designed its original origami structure – mix between honeycomb and deployable structure – that can find its application in the Automotive industry as energy absorption devices for a better safety performance of car components during car accidents or for Aerospace technology to increase flexibility of aircraft and spatial structures. 

9450 with origami structure 

The 9450 system has met
Associate Professor Sachiko Ishida expectations in terms of usability and versatility. 

“The Drop Tower is my first Instron machine. Professor Guoxing Lu from Swinburne University of Technology introduced it to me. Before adding the drop tower to the laboratory, I was used to perform FEM simulations and quasi-static compression tests, but we have been never able to fully uncover the structural dynamic behaviour associated to the real compression phenomena of our origami structures” commented Associate Professor Sachiko Ishida of Meiji University.


How the latest Drop Tower technology improves impact testing.

The new Instron 9450 drop tower machine came to Meijin University with the new software Bluehill Impact: it is easy to use and it provides a wide range of functionality. Sachiko describes the new software with dashboard as a great feature which enhances the ease of use, minimizing downtime and speeding up the testing process: “This machine is very user friendly and there is a great touch panel interface. It is very easy to control the machine and run tests”.


The additional high energy system provides impact velocities up to 22 m/s for wide materials’ performances evaluation and the combined use of the impact drop tower with High-Speed Camera acquisition allows the full control of the material’s failure mechanism.

9450 impact tester at Meiji University  

Choose reliability when selecting Impact drop tower testing equipment.

Meiji University is continuously researching new products and materials. The Institute’s positive experience with Instron DT systems in this project makes Instron an attractive partner for other testing instruments and to other Institutes.  

Instron has a comprehensive range of Impact drop tower systems, including the automatic solution for puncture impact tests. 

Instron has a track record of reliability and excellence in impact measurements. It is this track record and excellent customer support that makes Instron a preferred supplier. 

To find out more about how Instron’s Drop Tower testing systems can enhance reliability and repeatability, download our e-guide.

Originally posted By Francesca Pinto On Jul 19, 2021 , Updated On January 16, 2023