AT2 Automated XY Stage Throughput & Efficiency

For testing labs stretched thin by a limited number of operators or increased workloads, the AT2 Automated XY Stage is designed to improve throughput and repeatability, while also freeing up your operators to focus on other value add tasks. The Automated XY Stage is a semi-automated solution, meaning that much of the testing process can be automated, but it still requires an operator to set up the test by initially building out a testing sequence that lives in the Bluehill® Universal test method, loading a tray of specimens, and starting the test. The operator is then free to walk away and perform other tasks while the system takes care of testing each specimen. The Automated XY Stage is capable of performing compression, tensile, and flexure testing on multiple components with repetitive test points, and it can also be set up to test devices with multiple test points in a single method.

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Residual Seal Force Testing with the AT2 Automated XY Stage

Glass vials must maintain a robust seal between the glass vial and the elastomeric closure to prevent product contamination and leakage. Residual seal force (RSF) testing is an evaluation of the quality of this seal. To perform this test, a compression load is applied around the edge of a vial until the lower lip of the aluminum cap breaks away and begins to move in a direction opposite to the loading.

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