Busbar Terminal Weld Testing — For Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric vehicle batteries require countless welds between electrodes, tabs, casings, and cells. Understanding the most common failure modes and strength of each weld is critical for determining the life of a battery.

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Webinar: Overcoming Mechanical Testing Challenges for EV Battery Material Development and Production

In this webinar, we examine trends in the EV battery industry and challenges related to mechanical testing, and we discuss solutions that lead to improved testing accuracy, repeatability, and throughput.

Cylindrical Cell Weld Testing — For Electric Vehicle Batteries

Cylindrical cells require several welds during assembly, including the cathode tab to the cap of the cell, the anode tab to the base of the can, and even the tab-to-tab individual welds. All of these require proper alignment and gripping solutions for high throughput and repeatable results.

Puncture Test Fixture: Testing Separator Film for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Puncture testing (EN 14477) of separator film is critical to ensure the safety and longevity of each cell throughout the life cycle of a battery. Film must be strong enough to withstand punctures from dendrites that form with extensive use. Ensuring proper specimen tautness and alignment of an upper probe are critical for this application.

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