Quick Tips for Testing: Cable Management on 3400 and 6800 Series Systems

In this video, we explore the important role of cable management on Instron's 3400 and 6800 Series testing systems. Proper cable management ensures the efficient organization and protection of cables, resulting in improved safety, ease of use, and accurate and dependable test results. The Instron 3400 and 6800 Series test systems come equipped with intelligent cable management features to enhance the user experience and maximize system performance.

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In this video, we explore how to easily retrieve your calibration certificates and service history via the Instron Connect Portal — a valuable feature included in your Instron Connect agreement.

Quick Tips for Testing: Bluehill® Universal 4.42 Calculation Fail Icons

In this video, we explore calculation fail icons, a feature of Bluehill Universal 4.42 and later. Calculation status details are now easily accessible to the user in the results table. If a result fails to calculate or a warning is triggered, an information icon appears in the associated cell of the results table, and the user can select the cell to find out why.

Quick Tips for Testing: Clean Your Grips to Avoid Slips

In this video, we discuss the importance of regularly cleaning your grips to avoid specimen slippage and ensure accurate test results. Proper cleaning will ensure your grips are free of oil, residue, and debris and will increase frictional contact with your specimens.

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Instron 3400 & 6800 Series System Retrofits

3400 & 6800 Series system retrofits breathe fresh life into your legacy Instron testing system by providing a comprehensive upgrade that replaces aging and at-risk components. In addition to preventing unexpected downtime, a retrofit upgrade allows a legacy system to use the latest in testing technology, software, and features.

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