ASTM F1614 Impulse and Fatigue of Athletic Footwear Using Energy Control

The challenge

During the design and development of the latest sports shoes, Engineers and Researchers need to investigate the impact and rebound performance of different materials and structures. In addition to normal everyday uses, extreme sports activities such as basketball, skateboarding, or running are placing an even more challenging demands on today’s athletic footwear that can result in impact forces at more than 10 times body-weight. Manufacturers are under pressure to develop new sports shoe designs with advanced air cushioning, gel-filled capsules, or complex sole structures that offer superior technical performance.


Instruments d'essais électrodynamiques ElectroPuls®

Les instruments ElectroPuls sont des systèmes électrodynamiques d’une technologie de pointe destinés aux essais dynamiques et statiques des matériaux et des composants. Alimentés à partir d’une seule source de courant secteur monophasé, ils renferment les plus récents perfectionnements de la technologie des essais et proposent une foule de fonctions très ergonomiques.

WaveMatrix2 Brochure

WaveMatrix2 is intelligent software designed for fatigue and dynamic testing of materials and components. It delivers flexibility - run everything from a simple static ramp, to cyclic waveforms through to complex multi-step, multi-axial tests The highly visual environment with integrated tabular screens, clear menu structures, time-based matrix test preview and configurable live test workspace is designed to be intuitive and instill confidence. Packed with intelligent features, such as data reduction and built-in project organization, designed to simplify your testing.