In-head Wedge Grips (Vee)

Designed as an integral part of the testing platform, vee wedge jaws fit directly into the crosshead pocket of the frame and provide a grip that is adaptable to a variety of testing applications. These jaws are rugged heat treated steel and ideal for testing a variety of round specimens. Most of the offered vee wedge jaws can also be produced using through-hardened tool steel, which is suitable for re-bar applications. 

The teeth of the jaws are also hardened, and different tooth options increase the application range: a coarse tooth pattern is best for softer materials and higher loads, whereas a finer tooth pattern is best for harder materials. 

The wedge design causes the gripping force to increase as tension force is applied. This ensures a secure gripping action, which decreases occurrences of slippage throughout the range of the test. 

Filler plates are provided with the purchase of testing frames and allow a variety of specimen thicknesses to be tested. The filler plates adjust the opening of wedge jaws by changing the width of the crosshead pocket. All plates should be used for the thinnest specimens and no filler should be used for the thickest specimens. 

The variety of available jaws also allows variability in the range of specimen diameters. This versatility is due to the different depths and angles of the vee notch in the jaws available, depending on the specific dimensions of the specimen being tested.


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