Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Software

DIC is an optical technique that compares images of a tested specimen’s surface to generate full field strain and displacement maps. It creates pictures that can be used to visualize strain and displacement over the full two dimensional surface of the test specimen.

DIC Replay Software is a self-contained 2D DIC package. The software consumes images and calibration data saved by the Instron® Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE) and works in a post-processing mode. The user interface leverages the same tabbed style and graphical design of Bluehill®.

Standard features include:

  • Full field strain and displacement maps for axial strain (Eyy), axial displacement (Ey), transverse strain (Exx), transverse displacement (Ex), shear strain (Exy), maximum normal strain, and minimum normal strain
  • Virtual strain gauges
  • Virtual extensometers
  • Method saving
  • Plot generation
  • Synchronization with Bluehill test data (load, position, etc.)
  • User defined image collection rate up to 50Hz
  • Three modes of operation (post-processing DIC, real time strain through AVE, or both)


  • View materials testing phenomenon, such as discontinuous yielding, localized necking, and more
  • Analyze strain and displacement on the flat surface of a part or component where traditional extensometers are impractical
  • Visualize and detect cracks that are not visible by eye
  • Check specimen preparation techniques by comparing one specimen to the next
  • Check for standards compliance by identifying localized strain that falls outside of the standard gauge length
  • Visualize the side profile of a flat flexure or compression specimen to observe strain behavior

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