Elasticated Fabric

Fabric Loop Grips are used for tension and elongation testing of wide or narrow elastic fabrics. This test is performed with various types or combination of materials, and tested at a constant-rate-of-extension. Loop Tension at specified Elongation and Elongation at Specified Loop Tension are test procedures that require 3 cycles to bring the specimen under test to a specified point and returned to a zero value as described in ASTM D 4964.

Fabric Loop Tensile Grips

Principle Of Operation

These grips have a U-shaped body style, and are also referred to as Band Clamps. One edge of the U is attached to a connector that mounts to the moving crosshead and to the base of the testing machine. The other edge of the U has a 6.5 mm (0.25 in) diameter which makes contact with the specimen. The specimen is wrapped onto itself and sewn at the end with two rows using a single needle stitch, forming a loop. This loop is then inserted around both the upper and lower grip and made ready for testing.


Item Name Cat #
Fabric Loop Grips 2717-080