Dynamic Fatigue

Dynacell is the world's first truly dynamic load cell, designed from the outset for measuring dynamic loads. Dynacell utilizes an accelerometer right at the heart of the load cell, directly on the load axis. This removes the risk of errors in the acceleration reading resulting from off-center loading. 

Dynacell, Dynamic Load Cell

2527 Series Bi-axial Dynacell Load Cells

The 2527 Series load cells are designed for use with Dynamic Testing Systems; offering exceptional performance with the ability to measure forces as low as 1/250th of the force capacity to an accuracy of 0.5% of reading.

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2527 Series Load Cell

2527 Series Dynacell Load Cells

Dynacell is a unique load measurement device that automatically compensates for load errors induced through inertia of the load string components. A method of dynamic inertia compensation is essential for all forms of dynamic testing.

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