8800MT Controller
& Controller Upgrades

The 8800MT is the latest fatigue testing controller from Instron®, designed for both cyclic and static testing applications. Having released the world’s first all-digital controller for materials testing in 1987, we have taken our expertise and produced our best ever digital controller. The latest in a long line of world class materials testing controllers, the 8800MT is designed to deliver safety, reliability, and performance.

One of the features included is Stiffness Based Tuning. This is a revolutionary method of tuning your fatigue testing system, which improves your machine usability and helps to improve your data accuracy. The process is simple for all users, and without pre-cycling the specimen it helps to make your data more reliable and repeatable.

You will find the controller at the heart of our ElectroPuls® test instruments and all of Instron’s new hydraulic fatigue testing systems. One of the most exciting features of the 8800MT is that it was purpose built to interface with all fatigue testing systems and not just Instron manufactured machines.

8800 Controllers MT
8800 Controller

Upgrading Systems with 8800MT

The 8800MT can be installed onto almost any hydraulic materials testing system. Upgrading the controller on your existing machines is a cost-effective way to give them a new lease of life and benefit from the latest materials testing software. Our Lab Health Check can help you to learn more about the advantages of upgrading and the impact it can have on your laboratory. If you are interested in upgrading your existing machines, contact us and ask for a laboratory visit.

Supported Software

Instron’s cyclic and fatigue testing software, WaveMatrix3, can help you set up fatigue tests in minutes and support you as you build more complex test methods and work with a wider range of materials. The additional modules offer more advanced features that are available to take your research to the next level. You can also use the world’s most popular static testing software, Bluehill® Universal, on your fatigue machine. Take advantage of having a common user interface across all of the testing systems in your lab. Find out more about the full range of application specific packages.

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8800MT Controller
The 8800 controller is a class-leading, fully digital dynamic controller that utilizes Instron core technologies and is capable of running static and high-frequency dynamic tests.

Found at the heart of Instron’s servohydraulic testing systems, the 8800 controller provides full system control, machine safety, transducer conditioning, and data acquisition, as well as acts as the foundation for the user interface to the testing machine.
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8800MT Controller Upgrades
and Retrofits
The Instron 8800MT retrofit enables older servohydraulic and dynamic testing systems to be upgraded with the latest control electronics and WaveMatrix3 software: WaveMatrix3 for fatigue testing or dynamic tests, or Bluehill Universal for static tests.