Test components come in many shapes and sizes and present the Test Engineers daily challenges with regard to selection of the correct test method and configuration of the corresponding test system. Modern test laboratories have to run a multitude of tests and need the ability to build up and tear down test systems on a regular basis.

Ensuring the loads are introduced to the specimen correctly considering force vectors and phasing between channels is a complex task. Add to this the need to consider how the test equipment will be configured, how it will react to specimen deflections or failures and the challenge becomes apparent.


Instron offers a variety of standardized test frames, angle brackets and force introduction modules that give the user the modularity and flexibility to meet their challenges. These modules have been developed using CAE tools and designed to provide high stiffness and eliminate critical natural frequencies in the test frequency range. Once the mechanical test components are fixed, the configuration of the test system, hydraulics and sensors can be set-up through RS LabSite® modulogic 

Our test frames and fixtures are caracterizes by:

  • Flexible frame configurations for a wide range of specimens and loads.
  • Mechanical or automated positioning and clamping of actuators
  • Easy connection of hydropulse longitudinal or rotary cylinders
  • High stiffness designs to provide optimal control of loads at the specimen
  • Adaptation to customer-specific requirements are possible
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