Oversized Frame with Custom Platens for Shipping Crate Compression

Custom Height and Width

Customized frames that are tall, short, wide or narrow

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Light Curtain for Extra-Wide Frame with AVE2

Custom Safety

Customized solutions for shields, light curtains and mats

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Grip moving at a high rate of speed

Custom High Speed Frames.

Customized high speed systems.

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Curved Needle Tester Full System

Curved Needle Test Systems

The Curved Needle Test System is ideally suited for testing needles used in abdominal, fistula, vascular, intestinal, or other surgical procedures.

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Pen and Auto-Injector Testing System

Auto-Injector Testing System

Our integrated auto-injector test system performs a variety of tests to ISO 11608-5 and allows for all required testing to be carried out in a single test for individual auto-injectors.

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Automated Testing System


We offer a variety of automated systems that can be customized to suit your needs.

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