Tubular Services

Case Study | Oil Country Tubular Goods | Houston, TX

“We chose Instron based on the quality and reliability of their products, and their extensive network of corporate field service personnel.”

~ Wendell Hill, Quality Control Manager

Tubular Services, LLC 

The Overview

With three locations in Texas, Tubular Services, LLC is the premier independent Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) processor in the southwest United States. Serving the energy market since 1978, their goal is to update and maintain their plants and equipment to the latest industry standards.

The Challenge

As the leader in processing tubing and casings, Tubular Services, LLC saw an opportunity to expand their business when demand increased for OCTG to support the expansion in non-traditional drilling to serve the energy market. To remain loyal to their foundation and to properly succeed, it was critical that they become compliant with industry standards for pipe and casing products.

“We saw a gap in our ability to meet this new opportunity,” said Wendell Hill, Quality Control Manager. “We needed new equipment, software, and testing procedures to support our compliance. And we understand – from experience – that gripping pipe specimens can be challenging.”

At TSLLC, quality and services are of the utmost importance. All employees are committed to their quality assurance program and they were one of the first end finishers to qualify under the A.P.I Q-1 program. To accomplish this, they needed reliable materials testing equipment and a service organization that was available around the clock.

The Solution

Tubular Services purchased the Oil & Gas testing bundle, which includes a 1000 kN Dual Space Universal Hydraulic Testing System and a 450 Joule Motorized Pendulum Impact Testing System for all three locations.

“We chose Instron based on the quality, reliability, and safety of their products, and the extensive network of field service personnel, which have been exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive” said Hill. “Instron was able to address the gripping challenges by designing custom grip jaws with curved faces that prevent slipping and provide better material engagement.”

The Results

With the custom grips, end flattening of the pipe specimen is no longer necessary, saving Tubular Services, LLC both time and money but not at the risk of injury to operators. Tubular Services, LLC is confident that their new equipment for tension and impact testing is compliant with A.P.I. standards and able to meet the needs of their customers today and in the future.