Autoinjector Testing System: Simple Test Methods

Bluehill Universal uses simplified test types that empower users to develop and change method parameters with ease, while offering the flexibility to readily accommodate future devices without requiring Instron’s support.

Autoinjector Testing System

Instron’s latest generation Autoinjector Testing System can perform full functionality testing on a wide range of drug delivery devices — such as needle shield and button-activated devices, as well as safety syringes.

Why Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Did you know regular preventative maintenance can reduce the risk of accidents and prolong the lifespan of your testing instruments? In this video, we hear from Instron Service employees from around the globe and reflect on the importance of preventative maintenance.

ASTM D1894 and ISO 8295: Coefficient of Friction on Plastic Film

ASTM D1894 and ISO 8295 are standardized test methods used for determining static (μ_s) and kinetic (μ_k) coefficients of friction of plastic film and sheeting. In order to ensure that plastic films perform as expected, the frictional properties of these films must be characterized and controlled.

Putting History to the Test

Instron joins Dr. Metin Eren and Dr. Michelle Bebber from Kent State University's Experimental Archaeology Lab to discuss the important role their Instron universal testing system plays in their innovative research.

Extend Your Warranty Agreement

Investing in an extended warranty agreement is a proactive measure to help protect and create a routine of regular maintenance and care for your new investment.

Automated Carousel Testing System

Instron’s Automated Carousel Testing System utilizes an innovative, adaptable design for testing of medical vials, cartridges, and pre-filled syringes. The small footprint allows it to be put on standard lab benches, adding automation to even the smallest labs.

WaveMatrix3: How to Easily Set Up Stress Channel Control Tests

Conveniently define your fatigue test in terms of stress with the help of WaveMatrix3 software.

Teams in Bluehill Central

Bluehill Central allows groups of users to be organized into teams who share common files and settings. An operator’s permissions and access to files are defined by their team.

Tensile Grip Guide

In this video, we discuss some of the key differentiators between the major tensile grip types, including manual versus powered and side action versus wedge. We cover how they work and their suitability in various testing scenarios, in addition to some recommendations for better throughput and efficiency.