Did You Know You Can Improve Throughput, and Increase the Accuracy and Repeatability of Results?

Automotive Applications in a QC Lab

Timeliness of results, confidence in results, and safety are top priorities of most Quality Control (QC) labs. Unfortunately, in some cases, efforts to improve one area of interest, such as timeliness of results, can inadvertently have a negative impact on the other areas. Improved throughput can be gained in two ways: (1) procedural/method improvements, and (2) incorporating more efficient components. These changes can also improve the accuracy and repeatability of the results, while increasing safety within your QC lab.

Are you Trying to Get More Done in Less Time?

Changing to a more efficient test setup can cause huge improvements in throughput, without compromising your confidence in the results or operator safety. The two videos below represent a comparison of efficiency for metals and plastics testing, respectively. Both videos compare a basic configuration utilizing manual grips, manual extensometers, and manual specimen measurement to an optimized configuration that utilizes hydraulic/pneumatic grips, automatic extensometers, and software-integrated specimen measurement. 

How can Instron Help?

Over time the health and efficiency of your lab can deteriorate; do you have a plan to keep your systems running? Instron can provide a consultative on-site lab assessment to understand any issues in your lab, known or unknown. Contact us to learn more!