Field Change Order 10492

We have developed a firmware/software patch in support of the FCO correspondence you received.  Below you will find the detailed on-screen instructions. At the bottom of the page, we have provided PDF version of these instructions and an upgrade video that takes you through all the steps involved. Please follow these instructions carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Instron support office. 

PDF version of these instructions: BlueHill V3.71 Update Instructions

YouTube Video of these Instructions: Click below to access the video. 


Log in to WSA 

To download the firmware/software patch, you will need to first login to the WSA website. If you already have a WSA account, please use those credentials. If you did not previously have an account, you should have received your login information with the FCO letter. 

   1. Type into your browser:

The following screen will appear:

Type in your User Name, Password and Agreement No. If your letter included a generic password, use fco10492 as the password (if you do not know this information or the generic password does not work, contact Tech Support). Click the Submit button to login. 

WSA login screen1

    2. At the top of the webpage click Software Updates

The following screen will appear: 

WSA login screen2

   3. For System ID: enter your System ID for the system being updated.

   4. For Software: choose Bluehill.

   5. For Version: select the software version currently on the system.

   6. Click Submit to continue. 

   7. The following screen will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click I Accept to continue. 

WSA login screen3

   8. Click on the link Download Bluehill Update 

WSA login screen4

   9. The download time may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. 

Installing Bluehill V3.71

   1. Once the download is complete, click Open Folder.


   2. Once the folder opens, the file will need to be unzipped. Right click on the folder and choose Extract All. Follow the on-screen instructions to unzip the file. 


   3. Once the Extraction is complete. The folder will open. Locate the file Setup.exe and double click on it to run the installation of Bluehill V3.71. 


   4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Bluehill V3.71. Once the installation is complete, proceed to the steps below to update the firmware on the frame. 

 Installing the 3300 Boot Updater 

   1. Locate the setup.exe for the Boot Updater. 

For 64-bit Systems: The Boot Updater setup file will typically be in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Instron\Bluehill3\Service\3300 Boot Updater

For 32-Bit Systems: he Boot Updater setup file will typically be in the C:\Program Files\Instron\Bluehill3\Service\3300 Boot Updater for 32-bit systems.   


   2. Run Setup.exe and select the default options for each screen:


   3. After installation is complete, locate the 3300 Boot Updater by navigating to:

Start Menu->All Programs->Instron-> Double click on 3300 Boot Updater.

The following screen will appear. 


   4. Follow the instructions for each of the dialogs. Click OK to continue. 


   5. Click Test.


   6. Once communication is established, click Update. 


   7. Follow instructions and click Yes to continue.


    8. The Update will begin. Do Not Disconnect Power. A status bar will appear shortly to indicate progress. This update can take up to 15 minutes. 


   9. When prompted to do so, Cycle power on the frame and click OK to continue. 


   10. The controller will reboot. 


   11. Once reboot is complete, a success message will appear. The update is now complete. Click Exit to close the window.