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Explore Instron's Automation Solutions for Testing Medical Consumables

Automation Bio Consumables

For single-use products, such as medical consumables, testing is particularly important during material selection to maximize the trade-off between performance and cost. Medical consumables encompass a wide variety of applications including needles, syringes, tubing, and packaging.

Automation solutions range from utilizing software features during testing to robotic systems that enable laboratory operators to work on more value-added activities. Adding automation to your testing process of medical consumables will help increase throughput and, most importantly, improve the accuracy of test results.

Samyang Biopharm

The Customer Report: A word from Samyang Biopharm

"Due to the high volume testing of our lab, and the newer regulation requirements, we turned to Instron because we had experience with their highly-responsive and knowledgeable service engineers," says Mr Santee, Samyang Quality Manager. "And because they are local, they are able to assist in our testing applications, which really boost our confidence in results."

Hear how an automated solution improved the effectiveness of their lab.