Instron’s Webinar Series

    Are You Ready to Face the Aftermath of Your Material’s Failure? 

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Poor quality control results in defective products that can cost your business money and its reputation in recalls & production halts. Instron’s test equipment can aid you in achieving the highest quality from raw material to finished product.

Register to Instron’s 2016 webinar series. Discuss concepts of polymer testing to understand and ensure the necessity of quality control for your materials. Learn new tips & tricks and ways to improve laboratory efficiency with talks focused on RheologyImpact and Thermal testing.

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Date Time Content of the Webinar
3rd March 2016
11:00 AM EST  Basic Concepts of Polymer Rheology
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16th March 2016  11:00 AM EST  Introduction to Melt Flow Testing  Watch Now
6th April 2016  11:00 AM EST  Introduction to Capillary Rheometers  Recording not available 
4th May 2016 11:00 AM EST  HDT Testing: Improving Laboratory Efficiency  Watch Now
25th May 2016  11:00 AM EST  Pendulum Impact Testing: Tips & Tricks  Watch Now 
6th June 2016  8:00 AM EDT
Digital Image Correlation (DIC) applications for testing composites
in the Automotive and Biomedical industries 
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8th June 2016  11:00 AM EST  Advanced Polymer Rheology  Recording not available 
15th June 2016  11:00 AM EST  Ovecoming Challenges in Plastics Testing  Recording not available 
29th June 2016  11:00 AM EST  Basics of Data Interpretation for High Energy Drop Towers  Recording not available 
14th September 2016 11:00 AM EST
Why You should include Impact in your Testing regime  Watch Now