250 kN 曲げ治具| カタログ番号2810-206

206250kN曲げ治具は、曲げ弾性率、曲げ強度および曲げ降伏強度の測定を含む、さまざまな曲げおよび破壊靭性曲げ試験を行うことができます。 取り付けが簡単な3点曲げ治具は、オプションのコンバージョンキットで4点曲げへの変更が可能です。

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  • 5/24/2021
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Quality Manual v22

The quality manual defines Instron’s policies regarding: The definition and the processes of quality management systems and their interaction and Reference to the documented Standard Operating Procedures established for the quality management system processes

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  • 5/23/2021
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2810 シリーズ 100kN 曲げ治具(2810-182)


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Speed And Displacement Verification - Instron® Professional Services

Instron has long been a leader in measuring and verifying speed and displacement and was an active participant in developing the ASTM Speed and Displacement Verification standards. These services ensure that testing parameters are being met and that associated results are being calculated accurately. To further maximize confidence, Instron is also accredited by NVLAP under lab code 200301-0 to ISO/IEC 17025.

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  • 5/17/2021
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Averaging Axial and Biaxial Clip-On Extensometers

These bi-axial and averaging axial clip-on extensometers use strain gauges for measurement and are constructed from high-strength aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. All of the extensometers feature simple, single-handed operation. The extensometer incorporates automatic electrical calibration and transducer recognition including a unique digital serial number.

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  • 5/12/2021
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BioBox | Catalog Numbers CP110013, 110012, 110015

The lnstron® BioBox meets the growing trend of testing medical devices and biomaterials at body temperature (37°С). For large or long devices, testing in а liquid may not bе practical. As an alternative, testing inside а controlled air environment at body temperature provides а powerful solution.

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