For Screw and Pneumatic Side-Action Grips

The 2702 Series Grip Faces are designed to provide the best gripping for the Instron 2710 and 2712 Series Side Action Grips.

Not every face can be used to test every material. Variations of flat surface faces have been developed to accommodate a wider range of requirements.

The faces are provided with serrations, smooth, rubber coated, high friction compound, and wave profile for maximum gripping effectiveness.


The faces are available with flat surfaces and in a range of sizes to accommodate most type of specimen sizes and material types.

The serrated faces have 25 teeth per inch for clamping plastics and soft materials. The smooth are used for thin sheets, films, foils, paper and tapes. Rubber coated are used for threads, fabrics, and plastic tapes.


  • Tension applications for wires, plastics, metals, elastomers.