Chuck Style

These universal drill-type chuck grips can be used to hold round, hex or triangular specimens. The standard sets are available in both a keyless and keyed style that can hold a range of specimen sizes. 

Keyless operation lets you rapidly grip and release specimens. A comfortable, sure-grip sleeve allows you to hand-tighten the chucks. 

Keyed operation provides fast, easy tightening as well as quick, nonstick release.


The Chuck Style grips are threaded into or bolted to the output shaft and/or torque cell of MT series frames. 

The chuck grips spin closed to clamp specimens during torsion testing. The jaws of these grips extend well beyond the chuck nose to accept a broad range of wires, cables, and cylindrical specimens. Both keyed and keyless chucks are available for gripping a variety of specimen diameters and include adapters for mounting to an MT series frame.


  • Types of Loading: torsion 
  • Specimen Material: various 
  • Specimen Types: round, hex, triangular