With more than 55 years of experience in helping customers address their materials testing requirements, Instron Service aims to provide the highest quality of service and support for its wide variety of customers, to address their unique needs, and achieve joint success. While it is not possible to share all our Service Customer Success Stories due to non-disclosure agreements, the following customers have allowed us to share their success stories where Instron have provided high quality service to support their materials testing needs.

Battelle masks in the mist


In March 2020, Battelle fast tracked interfacing and built their Battelle CCDSTM . During this time Battelle were also using their Instron system to perform mechanical tests on N95 respirators and were in the process of upgrading the software on their Instron systems. Instron provided a quick response for these upgrades, so Battelle could quickly resume the critical testing of N95 respirators.

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英国、 ウェールズのブリジェンドにあるウェールズ・プリンセス病院内のSMTLは、同病院の職員のための個人用防護具(PPE)の強度試験をインストロンの3345試験機を使用して行っている際、問題に直面しました。彼らは一時的な修正を行いましたが、進行していくCOVID-19危機状況下で医療従事者を安全を守りながら、医療用手袋を継続的に試験することが困難になりました。