ASTM F2516 Tensile Testing of Nitinol Wire

ASTM F2516 nitinol wire testing 

ASTM F2516 measures the tensile properties of superelastic nickel-titanium or Nitinol. The material properties of nitinol are different from those of most other materials – nitinol will change its structure depending on its temperature or the amount of stress applied to it. This means that it will exhibit very different stress strain profiles during loading and unloading, which is why this standard captures both an upper and lower plateau strength, rather than a singular yield strength. The ASTM F2516 test method is designed to pull the material in tension to 6% strain, then unload the material to a value of less than 7MPa before being pulling it to failure. 

What is Nitinol Used For? 

Nitinol's unique properties mean that it is used extensively in the biomedical industry to create stents, dental wires, catheter guidewires, internal fracture fixation devices, and biopsy forceps. One of its properties - shape memory - enables it to "remember" its shape when formed at a certain temperature. When the temperature is lowered beyond this point Nitinol can be molded to any other shape, but will automatically revert to its original shape once it reaches the temperature at which it was initially formed. This property makes it extremely useful for the creation of stents, which are used to hold open blood vessels and prevent severe clots. The stent can be transported through the body to the target location in a compacted form, reforming to its original cylindrical form once it warms up to body temperature at the target location. Nitinol is also commonly used for braces – the Nitinol is molded into the desired final shape, and the temperature within the mouth stresses the material to reform, slowly adjusting the teeth into their ideal positions. Unlike more traditional braces, nitinol braces wire is especially beneficial because it does not require frequent retightening.

Test Setup

ASTM F2516 is typically performed on a dual column materials testing system such as Instron's 6800 Series. A 5 kN load cell is most likely appropriate for most materials. Bluehill Universal software with TestProfiler is also required, and the test method for ASTM F2516 comes pre-loaded in Bluehill Universal's Biomedical Applications Module. 

ASTM F2516 Test Setup
1) 6800 Series Universal Testing System
2) Bluehill Universal Software
3) 2580 Series Load Cell
4) 2714-005 Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips


ASTM F2516 test setup nitinol wire
Grips and Fixtures

The gripping solution is dictated by specimen diameter, with most small diameters being tested with pneumatic cord and yarn grips and larger diameters utilizing pneumatic side action grips with serrated faces.


1 kN Model | 2712-041
1 kN Model | 2714-005
Strain Measurement 

The diameter of the wire being tested determines the extensometry class required. For any wire 0.2 mm or smaller in diameter, crosshead movement can be used for strain measurement. Diameters greater than 0.2mm require a class C extensometer, with Instron's AUTOX automatic contacting extensometer, and AVE2 non-contacting extensometers being popular choices, as the weight of clip-on devices can affect results when testing such small specimens.

Specimen diameter and gauge length also determine test speed, so utilizing expression builder in Bluehill Universal can provide an easy way to update the test speed automatically. The lab temperature for this test is also very important - the material needs to be tested at a temperature at least 5 degrees higher than its austenitic finish transformation temperature. If not, the material will be partially transformed to a different material state, affecting the results.

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Bluehill Universalの

Bluehill Universalソフトウェアは、タッチ操作と直感的なユーザー体験のために構築されています。あらかじめ備わっている試験メソッド、すぐに試験が開始できるQuickTest、強化されたデータ出力機能、そしてサービスとの直接通信を提供する新機能Instron Connectなど、よりシンプルでスマートな試験をご体感ください。 Bluehill 2やBluehill 3などの旧バージョンソフトは、簡単に最新バージョンのBluehillにアップグレードできます。

Bluehill Universal TestProfiler

Bluehill Universal’のTestProfiler機能は、一連のステップを自動化する試験の設計において、かつてない柔軟性を提供します。


空気圧式グリップは、広範囲の材料に対応する多用途なグリップ機能を提供します。容量は1~10 kNです。


空気圧コード/糸用グリップは、繊維、コード、糸、および細線を固定して、試験中のチャック切れの課題を軽減するための便利なソリューションを提供します。容量は1 kNです。

AVE 2非接触式ビデオ伸び計

高精度ビデオ伸び計(AVE 2)は、特許取得済みの測定テクノロジーを搭載した、高速かつ正確な非接触ひずみ測定装置です。

自動接触式伸び計 - AutoX 750

AutoX 750は、高分解能を備えた長伸度の自動接触式伸び計です。電気機械式3300、3400、5500、5900、または6800卓上型および床置き型システムのほか、LX、DX、HDX、およびKPX静的油圧式試験システムに取り付け可能です。プラスチック、金属、医療製品、複合材料、エラストマーなどのアプリケーションに対応します。AutoXは、最大750 mmの移動量と±1μmの精度を備えています。