ISO 527-3 필름 및 시트류의 인장 특성

Written by Dan Caesar

ISO 527-3 applications

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ISO 527-3 is an international standard used to determine the tensile properties of plastic film or sheeting. Plastic films are used extensively in the packaging industry and as components of more complex products, such as electric vehicle batteries. Material properties reported for this standard are tensile strength, yield point, and strain.

Film or sheeting is defined to be a plastic test specimen with a thickness less than 1 mm. Plastics with a thickness greater than 1 mm should be tested per ISO 527-2. The equivalent ASTM standard to ISO 527-3 is ASTM D882.

ISO 527-3 Test Setup
6800 Series Universal Testing System
 Bluehill Universal Software
 2580 Series Load Cell
 Pneumatic Side-Action Grips


ISO 527-3 test setup
Gripping Solutions 

Due to the flexible, delicate nature of thin film specimens, specimen gripping can be a challenge. Pneumatic side action grips are an ideal solution because they provide an adjustable inlet air pressure to ensure that specimens can be clamped sufficiently throughout the test. When using pneumatic grips with the Smart-Close Air Kit, operators can define the inlet clamping pressure in the Bluehill Universal test method, replacing the need to manually change the pressure at the air supply’s regulator. The Smart-Close Air Kit not only promotes a safer use of pneumatic grips, but it can make testing more efficient and repeatable.

For those looking for a non-pneumatic solution for ISO 527-3 testing, Instron recommends self-tightening roller grips. Manually-tightened screw grips are not recommended for thin film testing, because the variability they add to the clamping pressure can negatively impact the repeatability of results and cause a higher frequency of improper gripping (jaw breaks or slippage). 

1 kN Model | 2712-041
1 kN Model | 2713-007


Tensile testing of thin films and foils presents more challenges than the testing of rigid specimens. The majority of thin films and foils used in EV battery manufacturing have a thickness of no more than 15 microns, making it extremely easy to damage them during the specimen insertion process. Correctly aligning such delicate specimens is a major pain point for many testing labs, and the use of a precision specimen loader device is recommended. These devices use a detachable alignment clip and linear rail to guide the specimens into the grips, and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of specimen dimensions.


Extensometers enable us to provide the most accurate strain measurement. Non-contacting video extensometry is the best solution for thin film testing, as typical clip-on extensometers weigh down the specimen causing premature failure. Instron's Advanced Video Extensometer (AVE2) can measure strain as accurately as a clip-on extensometer without physically contacting the specimen.


Instron's Bluehill® Universal testing software makes it easy to report calculations in compliance with the standard. Customers who choose the Plastics method suite will receive a pre-configured test method for ISO 527-3 testing, complete with specific test parameters and calculations to help ensure compliance.

For labs with high-volume testing needs, several modifications to the tensile machine setup can be made to speed up the testing process and increase throughput, up to and including fully automated test systems. Fully automated systems such as Instron's AT3 are designed to incorporate specimen measurement, specimen loading, testing, and removal, and are able to run for hours without operator interaction. These systems help to reduce variability due to human error and can be left running after a shift ends to continue getting results when operators go home.

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Bluehill Universal 브로셔

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Precision Specimen Loader

The Precision Specimen Loader for Thin Films provides a safer, more ergonomic, accurate, and more convenient way to load thin film and foil specimens into Instron 2712-052 grips.

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2712-04X 시리즈 공압 사이드 액션 그립

공압 사이드 액션 그립은 다양한 범위의 소재를 위한 다목적 그리핑 솔루션을 제공합니다. 1 ~ 10kN 사이의 정격 용량.

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AVE 2 비접촉형 비디오 연신계

2세대 고급 비디오 연신계(AVE 2)는 특허 받은 측정 기술을 이용하여 가장 빠르고 가장 정확하며 상업적으로 이용 가능한 비접촉 스트레인 측정 장치입니다.