Medical Tubing Testing

The Challenge

Medical Tubing

Surgical tubing is used in a wide variety of applications, such as drains, feeding tubes, irrigation and dialysis equipment, and in various surgical procedures. The mechanical performance of the material used is critical, as failure could seriously endanger a patient. Tensile tests are frequently performed in product development and quality control to evaluate the properties of material strength and strain at break. In addition, the connection of these medical tubes to a variety of mating connectors and equipment often requires both axial force and simple rotation. Measuring the torque and force to connect medical tubing to various small-bore connectors or medical equipment is critical to ensure quality of the final product.

Our Solution 

Medical Tubling Testing

In order to test various types of medical tubing and the variety of mating connectors associated them, we recommend utilizing a 68SC single column system with the Torsion Add-On 3.0, which is able to fit completely inside a BioBox for testing at 37°C, if desired. If testing at body temperature is not a requirement, then a 68TM table model system may also be used. Utilizing the Torsion Add-On 2.0, the system can be programmed in Bluehill® Universal software to simulate connecting medical tubing using both axial and rotational test control. In addition, the system can be used for simple monotonic testing to measure tensile strength and elongation properties of the tubing.