About Us

Who We Are
Founded in 1946, Instron quickly earned its reputation for innovation by pioneering the use of strain gauge load cells in Universal Testing Machines. Today, more than 75 years later, Instron is recognized as the global market leader in the materials testing industry, responsible for numerous industry firsts and continuously developing products and services to improve the testing experiences of our customers. Though many things have changed throughout the years, our core commitment remains the same. We are dedicated to providing leading-edge, best-in-class equipment and services to meet your mechanical testing needs.

What We Do

Instron offers a wide variety of testing systems to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and structures using tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, impact, dynamic, torsional, and multi-axial loading. Our extensive product line is backed by a global infrastructure offering a broad range of local service capabilities including calibration, verification, training, technical support, and assistance with laboratory management.

What We Value

The key tenets of our philosophy are data integrity, safety, and protection of customer investment. From the measurement of primary test data to results generation, we design and manufacture the full data chain used by our equipment (load cells, sensor conditioning, and software, for example) and perform calibrations with the lowest accumulated uncertainty in the industry. We also make no compromise on safety: From protecting your brand to ensuring the safety of operators in your laboratory, our systems are designed to minimize the risks inherent to mechanical testing.


96% of the Fortune 100 list of the world's largest manufacturing companies use Instron test systems.


We service and calibrate more than 30,000 Instron systems in active use worldwide every year.


Instron systems have been cited in more than 18,000 patents since 1975.

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