catalog no. W-3410

Bluehill® Universal is our latest version of industry-leading software. In order to stay on the forefront of modern technology and to best-support our current products, Partner has entered Phase 2 of Instron’s Product Life Cycle Policy. We will continue to offer technical support for Partner, as well as fix any data-integrity or safety-critical bugs. No new features will be added to Partner moving forward.

Similar to Partner, Bluehill Universal is compatible with the Instron 3300, 5500, 5900, 59-R5, 59-R6, 59-R7, 59-R8, and 8800 controllers, and is our recommendation for static testing software moving forward. More information on why to upgrade can be found here. Please contact your local Instron Sales Representative, or fill out a Contact Us form if you have any additional questions regarding Partner upgrade path.