Partner to Bluehill Universal Software Upgrade Path

Bluehill Universal with 300DX

As you consider an upgrade from Partner Software to Bluehill Universal Software, please find further details on this migration with supporting literature here.

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Bluehill Universal, Instron's latest version of static testing software, is built for touch interaction, helping you take advantage of faster and simpler workflows, yet maintaining the power and flexibility you've come to expect from materials testing software.

Is Bluehill Universal right for me?

Some of you have been using Partner for 20+ years. Its long life has provided you with familiarity and great confidence in your test results. What is the value of making a change? You will gain a modern user interface and many features that you wished were in Partner. We want you to have the same trust in Bluehill Universal and will be with you to assure a smooth transition.

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What will you gain with Bluehill Universal?

  • Configurable Workspace: Flexibility for the user to personalize the workspace - select from measurements, graphs, charts, results tables, raw data and user inputs.
  • Choice Input Lists: Simple dropdown lists allow the user to select the input, limiting entry time and keystroke errors and ensures common input from all operators.
  • Automatic/Advanced Calculations: Choose from a large library of prebuilt calculations. Save time by using automatic options such as E-Modulus that eliminate the need for manually setting calculation start and end boundaries before or after the test. This will also help reduce the number of test methods required.
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Bluehill Universal Choice Lists

What are the biggest changes?

  • User Interface: Modern, flat interface designed for touch navigation eliminates traditional Windows menus and lists.
  • Personalized Display: Partner has always had fixed display panels. Bluehill Universal allows the workspace to be configured for any test method and display components can be located anywhere on the screen.
  • Report Templates and Editor: Print. Save. Export. An integrated reporting and graphing tool includes standard report templates as well as a built-in editor for easy-to-create customized test reports. Data and Test results management is much faster. Bluehill Universal outputs directly to a variety of formats, including .csv, html, pdf, and Microsoft Word.
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Bluehill Universal User Interface

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