Pneumatic Side Action Grip Accessories

Pneumatic action grips allows rapid, easy loading of specimens from delicate films to polymers and woven fabrics. This provides a very simple and efficient method for holding test specimens easily and quickly.

Both jaw faces automatically adjust to different specimen thicknesses to ensure that the line of tensile force remains concentric with the grip body.

Pneumatic grips require an air supply to be actuated and clamp specimens. Many facilities have air supplies built in, but if not, a portable air compressor may be purchased from Instron. Some grips come equipped with a lever which is actuated manually, however if convenience and having both hands available to manage the specimen, a pneumatic or automatic foot switch may be added.

Principle Of Operation

Having appropriate air available is key for grips to be dependable. An air regulator should always be used on the air supply. The pneumatic foot switch will allow the operator to have both hands free to manage the specimen while actuating the grips with the foot. This foot switch interfaces only with the grip and is expected to be directly compatible.

For newer generation Instron equipment, an automatic air kit is available which can be actuated automatically through the software based on load detection parameters or actuated by foot through an electric switch.

Application Range

  • Foot Operation 
  • Automatic Operation