6-Axis Robotic Automated Testing System

The Instron AT6 Automated Testing System utilizes an innovative design for the automatic tensile and/or flexural testing of metals, plastics, thin films, components, elastomers, sutures, and composites. Conforming to ISO and ASTM standards for a wide range of materials, this system has a flexible platform to deliver high throughput with repeatable results for a variety of testing needs.

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Up to 600 kN Force Capacity
AT6 Robotic Testing System

Configurations can include:

  • Floor, table model, or single column universal testing machines
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic grips
  • Advanced video extensometry or contacting extensometry for axial and transverse strain measurement
  • End effectors and racks specific to a variety of materials
  • Dual frame layout for increased throughput
  • Integrated third-party hardware

AT6 Robotic Testing System with Hydraulic Grips

Hydraulic Grips

AT6 Robotic Testing System with Pneumatic Grips

Pneumatic Grips


AT6 Robotic Testing System Enclosure


The AT6 Automated Testing System is fully isolated within a safety enclosure, removing the operator from the testing area and thus from potential pinch hazards and repetitive motions typically involved in high volume manual testing.

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Decrease in Repetitive
Motion Injuries

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Elimination of Potential
Pinch Hazards

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Safe, Hands-Free
Removal of Debris


Increasing Testing Throughput

Mitsubishi Robot Holding Metal Specimen

Robotic Arm

The Mitsubishi robot can perform a variety of tasks unattended, allowing the operator to focus on skilled work.

Specimen Removal

An enhanced specimen removal device can increase throughput by removing a tested specimen while the next specimen is being prepared by the robotic arm.

Dual Frame Setup

A single robot can supply up to two tensile testing frames simultaneously for increased throughput.

Eliminating Variability in the Testing Process

Automatic Specimen Measurement

Specimen Measurement

The AT6 can be programmed to measure each specimen before testing with the dual axis specimen measurement device.

Automated Specimen Marking

Specimen Marking

Automated specimen marking allows accurate tracking by video extensometer.

Programmed Technology for Testing Automation


Every move is programmed to replicate the same actions for each specimen, improving repeatability and reproducibility of testing and results.


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