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Posted By Andrea Incardona

 Jan 30, 2023

Person performing test with Drop Tower

Ductile to Brittle Transition Temperature

How to achieve optimal accuracy and throughput with a drop weight impact testing machine 

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 Oct 03, 2022

pendulum impact tester with specimen dispenser

Top 5 Considerations When Selecting a Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Most critical factors to look out for when selecting pendulum impact test equipment

Posted By Dave Gradijan

 Sep 08, 2022

Intron's E20000 at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)

NLR Unveils Instron's E20000 All-Electric Fatigue Machine

The Instron E20000 allows the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) to test materials with the same force as many hydraulic machines — but with far greater speed.

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 Sep 02, 2022

Francesco Manarini Blog Image

How to Achieve More Repeatable Test Results in 3D Printing Applications

By Francesco Manarini, Product development Manager – R&D dept. at LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A & LATI3Dlab

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jul 07, 2022

Adhesive Patch Tack Testing

The ABCs of XY Stage Adhesive Tack Testing

In volume 4 of our Tales from the Apps Lab Series, we take a look at tack testing of a hydrogel adhesive patch used in a wearable nerve stimulation system.

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 Jul 04, 2022

melt flow cleaning

Melt Flow Index Tester Maintenance: top tips to optimize repeatability and accuracy 

Regular melt flow index testers regular maintenance maximize test uptime and efficiency. Explore the top tips.

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jun 29, 2022

Spring Testing with Automated XY Stage

Top Benefits of Semi-Automation for Materials Testing

Learn how a semi-automated testing system can help labs achieve improved throughput, efficiency, repeatability, and safety.

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jun 03, 2022

Specimen Protect Video

How To Decrease Variability in Test Results with Specimen Protect

Specimen Protect is a feature of 6800 Series universal testing systems and system retrofits that limits unwanted forces applied to the specimen during loading.

Posted By Nick Erickson

 Jun 03, 2022

Needle Injection into a Tree Limb

I Hope This Tree Isn't Afraid of Needles!

In Volume 3 of Tales from the Apps Lab, we take a look at a unique application involving injecting medicine into trees.

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 May 27, 2022

HDT Specimen

Heat Deflection Temperature and Vicat Softening Temperature Testing: How to Maximize Throughput, Repeatability, and Safety

Heat deflection temperature (HDT) and Vicat softening temperature testing is critical to determining the quality and performance of polymers. As automotive components become increasingly lighter, there is a growing demand for high-performance polymers, which must undergo a thorough HDT and Vicat apparatus test process.

Posted On May 23, 2022

Syringe Fixture Catalog Number 2870-001

Guide to Syringe Testing

Watch this video to learn about key metrics to assess syringe performance, the most common testing standards, and fixturing for testing various syringe types.

Posted By Francesca Pinto

 May 04, 2022

Drop weight impact test Bluehill Impact

Drop Weight Impact Test: Top Tips for Accurate Results

Drop weight impact test calculations measure the toughness of polymers and composites used in many automotive and aerospace applications. Ensuring that these calculations are as accurate as possible is critical.