VisualRHEO Software is specifically designed for the Instron® line of CEAST Capillary Rheometers (Rheologic and SmartRheo), both single-bore and twin-bore versions.

VisualRHEO allows the operator full control of the system to carry out the tests, and manages the complete test procedure:

  • Parameter set editing
  • Real-time graphs supporting test execution
  • Data acquisition and storage
  • Calculations
  • Report management
  • Data export

These operations can be carried out on more than one system simultaneously.

All test results required by international standards on capillary rheometer tests are automatically calculated by the software, including viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, Bagley and Rabinowitsh corrections, and NNI. These results are displayed from both a numerical and a graphical point of view.

Optional software modules are available to satisfy the need for different test types or for advanced analysis of results such as in depth curve fitting, viscosity dependence on temperature, wall slip, elongational viscosity, stress relaxation, shear sensitivity, melt fracture, and thermal degradation.

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