Grips for Furnaces

A range of high-temperature specimen grips and holders is available to suit the pullrods and pushrods required.

Principle Of Operation

A variety of grip and holder types is available including the commonly used screw-ended style.


Item Name Capacity Temperature Rating Cat #
Tension-Only Holders, M8 Thread 2 - 10 kN 425 - 2250 lbf 1000°C 1832°F 3117-025
Tension-Only Holders, M10 Thread 3 - 15 kN 675 - 3300 lbf 1000°C 1832°F 3117-026
Tension-Only Holders, M12 Thread 5 - 22.5 kN 1120 - 5000 lbf 1000°C 1832°F 3117-027
Tension-Only Holders, M16 Thread 10 - 40 kN 2250 - 8800 lbf 1000°C 1832°F 3117-028
Pin and Clevis Holder 1 mm slot 3 mm pin 1100°C 2000°F CP112249
Pin and Clevis Holders 2 mm slot 3 mm pin 1100°C 2000°F CP112250
Pin and Clevis Holders 3 mm slot 4 mm pin 1100°C 2000°F CP112251
Pin and Clevis Holders 4 mm slot 4 mm pin 1100°C 2000°F CP112252
Pin and Clevis Holders 6 mm slot 6 mm pin 1100°C 2000°F CP112253
Pin and Clevis Holders 10 mm slot 10 mm pin 1100°C 2000°F CP112255
713C Threaded End Specimen Holder 1100°C 2000°F W-7551-C
High Temperature Tension Wedge Grips 926°C 1700°F W-7554
High Temp, Smooth-Faced, Wedge Jaw Inserts, 0.13-1.0 mm (0.005-0.040 in) W-7554-A1
High Temp, Serrated-Faced, Wedge Jaw Inserts, 1.0-2.0 mm (0.040-0.078 in) W-7554-A3
One Set-High Temp, Serrated-Faced, Wedge Jaw Inserts W-7554-A4