W-C016-J2 | High Temp Type EG2 Replaceable Insert

High Temperature EG-2 Style Replaceable Inserts are made from the 214 alloy, which offers superior high temperature performance. The EG Style replaceable insert provides a knife edge design that accepts both flat and round specimens by using a center Vee knife edge for rounds and straight knife edges machined on the outside edges for flat specimens.

Replaceable knife edges allows the extensometer gripping knife edges to be replaced when they get dull or changed to accept a different specimen type or size. Older style extensometers required the knife-edges to be machined or heads completely replaced. With extensometers that accept these inserts, only the inserts have to be replaced, this means great cost savings.

Features Include:

  • High temperature, high corrosion resistant 214 alloy is used. Lifetimes can exceed 4700 hours at 1100 Deg. C (2000 Deg. F) depending on the knife-edge wear.
  • Inserts designed for following specimen sizes: Rounds: 6.4 to 12.8 mm (0.252 to 0.505 in) diameter Flats: 6.35 to 12.7 mm (0.250 to 0.5 in) thick and 16 mm (0.625 in) wide VERIFY SPECIMEN SIZE AT TIME OF ORDERING
  • The price includes one set (4) of inserts. Two split halves for the top and two split halves for the bottom, (enough to replace one extensometer).
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