20 KN 3-Point and 4-Point Bend Fixture

2810-500 3 point

2810-505 4 point
Principle of OperationSuitable for both static and dynamic flexure testing, this bend fixture can be configured as either a 3 or 4 point (requires addition 2810-505) device. The specimen is supported on two lower anvils and the load is applied in the center of the specimen by either a single upper anvil or 2 upper anvils when used in a 4 point configuration.

The fixture has a variable span from 18 – 148 mm (0.7 – 5.82 in), allowing for various specimen lengths. Both lower and upper parts are fitted with a flange attachment that are directly compatible with all new ElectroPuls® test instruments (except the E1000).

The specimen is placed on the two lower anvils whilst the upper anvil is used to apply an opposing force on the specimen. This allows for high-cycle fatigue flexural testing.

Application Range
  • Bend testing of small components, plastics, wood, and composites
  • Specimen shapes: Flat and round
  • Suitable for both static and fatigue testing
  • Compatible with all new ElectroPuls test instruments (except the E1000)


  • 20 kN (4496 lbf) capacity
  • Support span 18 – 148 mm (0.7 – 5.82 in)
  • Wide temperature range of -70 to +350°C (-94 to +662°F) when configured with the 3117-082 Pullrod kit
  • Compatible with Deflectometer 2810-403 & 2620 or 2630 Series Extensometer

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