2910 074 | Debris Shield for Table Mounted Testing Machines

Consists of a 1000 mm (39.4 in) high polycarbonate panel in an aluminum frame, mounted to the column cover T-slots with hinges.

Working height is adjustable.

Compatible with Instron interlock kits.

Use with 336X (dual T-slot column cover style only), 34TM, 446X, 556X, 586X, 596X, 68TM dual column table top, standard width load frames only.

Clearance between center of load string and panel:

  • 175 mm (6.8 in) on 34TM and 336X
  • 181 mm (7.0 in) on 68TM, 596X, 446X, 556X, and 586X

Mounting to the rear of the frame above the motor housing leaves an unprotected gap of 224 mm (8.8 in).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is essential and often required by regulations that users perform their own risk assessment based on their particular application(s). Instron can assist users in conducting a risk assessment. Most applications do not require a guard. The non-interlocked Debris Shield may be appropriate in low risk applications for protection against non-hazardous debris such as dust, fibers or heat treat scales.

If your risk assessment indicates that the breakup of your specimens may create hazardous projectiles, or if crush hazards exist when inserting very short specimens by hand, then an Interlocked Guard should be used for compliance with international regulations and directives.

If your risk assessment shows that a hazard exists from dangerous projectiles ejecting toward the rear of the machine, then a rear guard may be required.

*Use with 446X frames requires moving the 4400 Control Panel mounting to the right side column cover.

**Not for use with AVE/SVE

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