Compression Spacers

Hydraulic grip compression spacers are available for the entire line of SATEC Series static hydraulic testing machines, also known as 5590 series frames. These fixtures are also available for SATEC models known as the HV series of frames. 

Each spacer is designed to fit a specific capacity frame and is provided with mounting hardware to allow mounting on the underside of the adjustable crosshead. 

The spacer takes up less compression test space than does a compression bridge. However, the spacer must be removed from the frame to do tension testing, and the tension grip jaws with hangers and lever arm mounting pin must be removed to allow use of the spacer. 

The spacer is rated to the full capacity of the frame on which it is used.

Principle Of Operation

Hydraulic grip actuators greatly increase the gripping force of in-head grip jaws, but their design interferes with the compression test space. In order to perform compression tests, the lower hydraulic grip lever arm must be removed from the adjustable crosshead. 

The use of a hydraulic grip spacer allows compression tests to be performed without removing the lever arm. The lower grip jaws with attached hangers and mounting pin are removed from the lower lever arm, and the spacer is attached to the adjustable crosshead between the lever arm side plates. 

The spacer sits in a recess in the crosshead or uses a centering washer to maintain alignment with the center of the crosshead and thus the center of the compression table. A threaded rod passes through the lower grip pocket and a plate and wingnut are used to attach the spacer securely to the crosshead. 

The bottom of the spacer has a threaded hole that allows the attachment of compression plates or other compression fixturing.

Application Range

  • Permits the installation of compression fixturing without the need to remove the hydraulic grip lever arms 
  • Rated to the full capacity of the frame on which it is used 
  • Operate in static compression only


Item Name Pressure Rating Accessory Diameter Cat #
Hydraulic Grip Spacer Assembly 690 MPa 100,000 psi 229 mm 9 in W-0119-G
Hydraulic Grip Spacer Assembly 690 MPa 100,000 psi 178 mm 7 in W-0119-E