Universal Testing Systems up to 600 kN Force Capacity

5980 Series Universal Testing Systems

The 5980 Series Universal Testing Instruments offer exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced overall experience for the operator. New industry leading features include load measurement accuracy to +/-0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity and fast, synchronized data acquisition rates up to 2,500 points per second. The most common uses of these mechanical testing systems are for tensile, compression, bend, peel, shear, tear and cyclic tests. Configured systems are fully capable of meeting test requirements per ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI, GB, JIS, ANSI, NAS, etc.

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Instron 5980 Universal Testing System

Model Force Capacity Vertical Test Space Total vertical test space is the distance from the top surface of the base platen to the bottom surface of the moving crosshead, excluding load cell, grips, and fixtures. Extra Height Model
5982 100 kN 1430 mm (56.3 in) 1930 mm (76.0 in)
5984 150 kN 1430 mm (56.3 in) 1930 mm (76.0 in)
5985 250 kN 1430 mm (56.3 in) 1930 mm (76.0 in)
CP128610 300 kN 1930 mm (76.0 in) n/a
5988 400 kN 2050 mm (80.7 in) n/a
5989 600 kN 2000 mm (78.8 in) n/a

Powered by Bluehill® Universal

Instron 5980 with Bluehill Universal Environmental Chamber AVE 2

Built for Touch

Bluehill Universal is built from the ground-up for touch interaction and an intuitive user experience. Discover simpler and smarter testing with features such as pre-loaded test methods, QuickTest in seconds, enhanced data exporting, and Instron Connect—a new feature that provides a direct communication link to Service.

Built for Durability

5980 Frame Stiffness

Stiff Frames for High-Strength Materials

Pre-loaded bearings, precision ball screws, a thick crosshead and base beam, and low-stretch drive belts contribute to better performance by producing more accurate modulus and strain values and minimizing the energy stored during a test. This is especially evident when testing highstrength materials such as aerospace composites, metal alloys, and crystalline polymers.

Precision Guidance for Alignment and Bending

When performing a uniaxial test, accurate stress and strain results can only be achieved with a system that contains robust, precise guidance columns that ensure minimal specimen bending under load.

Larger Motors for Better Reliability

Reliability is built into 5900 load frames through the use of powerful motors with reserve capacity that allow for quicker rates of acceleration when starting a test and faster turnaround times when performing a cyclic test. More of your testing occurs at the required speed.

Servo-Controlled Drive System

Instron’s dual-belt system provides synchronous movement of the ball screws, eliminating crosshead tilt and aiding system alignment while competitor systems that use gear-reducers introduce backlash and lower drive-system stiffness.

Productivity Panel

Productivity Panel for Real-Time Data and Results

View Real-Time Data and Results

Constantly monitor vital measurements during pretest adjustments as well as throughout the test on the 4 user-defined live displays. Additionally, real-time results are easily displayed throughout the test.

Customizable Soft Keys

With 4 user-defined ‘Soft Key’ buttons, the operator can initiate a variety of commands, allowing for customization of the panel while minimizing the numbers of buttons on the panel.

Precise Positioning

The fine position adjustment thumbwheel provides tactile feedback for 0.004 mm resolution adjustments to the crosshead when performing sensitive testing.

Protecting Your Operators and Your Investment

Operator Safety

Operator Safety

Operator safety is an integral component of all Instron test systems and has lead to the creation of features such as E-stop, dual limit switches, optional debris shields, and pneumatic grip jaw-face shields to reduce pinch hazards.

Hydraulic Wedge Grips

Specimen Safety

Specimen Protect prevents excessive forces from being applied to the specimen during setup, protecting your critical specimens from damage. Watch this video to learn about the Specimen Protect feature.

2850 Series 100 kN Load Cells

System Safety

5980 systems automatically detect and stop at maximum load cell capacity to prevent damage to the load cell, system, or accessories.

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