Out of Tolerance (OOT)


Out of Tolerance: Not within specific limits.


Specified Limits:

  • Limits of acceptable results as defined by the manufacturer or by Standard Authorities (e.g. ASTM, ISO) O.O.T.

Significance of O.O.T.:

  • Relation to use of the equipment and Process Specifications
  • If the Total Error related to O.O.T. circumstance is in fact Significant to the customer's process then there will be a fairly substantial effect upon the work/tests they conducted with the instrument during the preceding Calibration/Service Cycle

Reverse Trace and Notification:

  • The ability to prove and provide that reference standard used are calibrated to a traceable (national / international) standards
  • Notify the customer of the O.O.T.  Condition(s) Uncertainty of Measurements:
  • The amount of know error in the reference standard
  • Normally should be ¼  or less of the allowable tolerances of the U.U.T (unit under test)
  • Customer must be notified if this was taken into account when declaring a measurement out of tolerance or if not these values must be provided to the customer for their use in calculations and assessment of O.O.T. conditions
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