Test Basics

Typical Configuration 

A servohydraulic fatigue testing machine is usually used to perform a fatigue test. This consists of a hydraulically operated actuator fitted into a high stiffness load frame to apply the load to the specimen. Because the system is hydraulically operated, it is possible to achieve both high loads and high cyclic frequencies. 

The test system should be fitted with a control system that is capable of controlling the test and measuring data at high frequencies. It is also important that the load measurement system can accurately measure specimen load, and compensate for load errors induced by the dynamic movement of the test system. 


Some typical materials that are subjected to fatigue testing: 

  • Metals 
  • Polymers 
  • Composites 
  • Elastomers 
  • Structural Components 
  • Ceramics 


The following ASTM standards apply to fatigue testing: 

  • E1820 
  • E399 
  • E606 
  • E647