3-Axis Non-Robotic Automated Testing System

The Instron® TestMaster AT3 Automated Testing System utilizes an innovative design for the automatic tensile and/or flexural testing of plastic specimens. Meeting the testing requirements of ASTM D638 and D790, ISO 527 and 178, as well as other testing standards, this system offers many of the benefits of our robotic AT6 systems, but in a smaller footprint.

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Capacities up to 50 kN

Safety Enclosure for Automated Testing Systems

Protecting Operators

The AT3/AT3+ Automated Testing Systems are fitted with an enclosure to isolate the system, thus increasing safety by keeping the operator away from the testing area, and improving ergonomics by virtually eliminating repetitive motions associated with high volume manual testing.

Safety Benefits of Automation

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    Decrease in Repetitive Motion Injuries

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    Elimination of Potential Pinch Hazards

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    Safe, Hands-Free Removal of Debris

Increasing Testing Throughput

AT3 Actuator


The 3-axis actuator frees up valuable operator time by automating the specimen measurement and handling portions of the mechanical test.

Automation Specimen Rack

Specimen Racks

Removable storage racks hold up to 80 specimens (depending on sample size and geometry) and can be pre-loaded while the system is running.

Specimen Removal

An enhanced specimen removal device can be added to this system to remove the specimen from the test area, providing a quick and easy way to increase throughput.

Eliminating Variability in the Testing Process

Specimen Measurement Device

Automatic Specimen Measurement

Before loading the specimen in the frame, the AT3 can be programmed to measure each specimen with the dual axis specimen measurement device for accurate and consistent results.

Programmed Technology

Programmed Technology

The automated specimen loading feature is programmed to replicate the same actions for each specimen, improving repeatability and reproducibility of testing and results.

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