Используя многолетний опыт применения и разработок, Instron производит наиболее полный перечень приспособлений для испытаний материалов в различных отраслях. Сотни захватов, креплений, датчиков нагрузки и других устройств, которые входят в перечень приспособлений для общего применения и решения узкоспециализированных задач созданы для того, чтобы максимально использовать возможности вашей испытательной системы.

Instron Load Cell

Load Cells

Load cells convert the force experienced by the specimen into an electrical signal that is used by the electronic controller to precisely monitor, report or control the force.

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Instron Extensometers


Extensometry provides a direct and accurate method for measuring and controlling specimen deformation by monitoring strain over a precisely defined gauge length.

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Instron Environmental Chamber

Chambers and Furnaces

Environmental chambers and furnaces provide the capability to study the mechanical properties of materials and components over a wide range of temperatures up to +1600 °C in air.

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Pneumatic Side Action Grips

Tensile Grips

Various styles of tensile grips at different force capacities to hold a diverse range of materials such as thread, rope, rubber, plastic, composites, fasteners, steel and more.

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Compression Platens

Compression Platens

Compression platens and anvils are available in a range of sizes and force capacities to suit applications from rigid foam to concrete. 

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Instron 3-Point Bend Fixture

Flex Fixtures

Flexure or bend tests are widely used to determine stiffness and yield properties of plastics, metals and similar rigid materials.

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Instron peel solution

Peel, Friction, Puncture

Fixtures for Universal Testing Machines to perform an assortment of peel, puncture, burst, and coefficient of friction tests.

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Component Test Plate

Application Specific Fixtures

Specialized tensile grips, fixtures, and accessories for specific testing standards, materials, and industries. Examples include biomedical, microelectronics, composites, fasteners, wood, and more.

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Safety Shield

Frame Accessories

Load frame accessories include items designed to fit a specific model of testing frame, such as support tables, protective shields, T-slot tables, in-head wedge grips, in-head tension rods, and similar items.

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Instron BioBath and AVE 2

Biomedical and
Pharmaceutical Fixtures

With major breakthroughs in the medical industries, it is becoming ever more essential to provide accurate test data related to materials capabilities.

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Instron Die Shear Fixture

Electronics and
Microelectronics Fixtures

Grips, fixtures, and system add-ons for testing electronics and microelectronics for tension, compression, flexure, peel, shear, and puncture.

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Composites test fixtures


Fixtures for testing composite materials for tension, compression, flexure, shear and peel. Most of these fixtures are designed to meet specific materials testing standards.

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Instron Punching machine

Specimen Measuring
and Preparation

Correct specimens and dimensional measuring are critical for accurate and repeatable test results. Solutions for specimen cutting, marking, and measuring.

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Cup Sidewall Compresion Fixture


The Custom Solutions group at Instron® has been developing uncommon fixtures, grips and platens to meet our clients' special requirements for over 30 years.

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Catapult crash simpulation

Crash Simulation

Read about accessories for low speed rear, side and pole impact simulation. And how you can increase the productivity and efficiency of the development process.

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Accessories Catalog V7

Catalog V7

View the digital version of our catalog, which features hundreds of our materials testing accessories, as well as tips and advice to help you get the most out of your testing system.

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