The application software CrashSim is used for the preparation, execution, monitoring, analysis and documentation of crash tests carried out on the Instron sled system. The user application focused software has been continuously improved in cooperation with our worldwide user groups.

There is no special knowledge required for the operation of CrashSim because it is intuitive and largely self-explanatory. The user interface complies with the Windows 7 standard.

The parameter settings and valve configurations required for the applications listed below are stored in the control system and are set automatically by CrashSim when selecting the test method:

  • Frontal and rear impact simulation
  • Frontal Impact with active controlled pitch simulation
  • Side and Pole Impact simulation
  • Side Impact simulation
  • Whiplash - Low Speed Rear Impact Test

Thanks to this high degree of automation, efficient and productive test operation is ensured.

The basic version CrashSim 5.0 offers the following functions:

  • Pulse data input and filtering
  • Calculation of drive signals from acceleration / time traces
  • Control of all peripheral systems (airbag igniter, data acquisition, camera systems,...)
  • Test execution
  • Evaluation of the test results
  • Digital storage and retrieval of test parameters for future applications.
  • Visualization of the system status via process display

The advanced version of CrashSim 5.1 includes the new iteration model developed by Instron, which dramatically reduces the number of iterations required. This version also includes the CrashSim Office software module. The module allows external processing of test pulses up to the generation of the drive signals for the catapult system. Pulse predictions previously performed only through trial shots with the system can now be carried out offline with CrashSim Office. This relieves the daily test operation of such tasks and increases the productivity of the system.

Learn more about Crash Simulation Systems.

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