Very high-temperature properties of materials are a vital concern in many applications such as power generation, aerospace and automotive. Our standard range of furnaces covers temperatures up to +1600 °C in air, with engineered solutions available to cater for height and width variants.

These three zone resistance wire wound furnaces are of split construction to facilitate fast and easy loading of a pre-assembled specimen train. The case is constructed from stainless steel with aluminium and hardened insulation board end plates. The optional front cut-out allows the use of side-entry high-temperature extensometry. Adjustable stainless steel latches keep the furnace halves locked together during use, but are then easily opened once testing is complete. The furnace is available with optional heavy duty brackets or mountings, which attach to a wide range of testing systems. An extensive range of standard controllers is available to suit most test regimes. Custom variants can be specified should the standard range not include a suitable unit.

1200C Three-Zone Split Tube Furnace

1000°C Three-Zone Split Furnace

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3119-160 Furnace on 5980 Series Universal Testing System

1200°C Three-Zone Split Tube Furnace

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Accessories for Furnaces

A wide range of grips, pull rods and extensometers is available to provide the complete solution to your high temperature testing requirements.