ElectroPuls Anniversary Press Release

In April 2017, Instron held an Educational User-Group Event to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the ElectroPuls range. The two day event included guests from all over Europe, connecting inspiring ElectroPuls users from a range of material testing industries and research.

Day one showcased some of the applications that ElectroPuls systems are used for, with real life examples from guest speakers:  Janice Barton, University of Southampton, presented her team’s work with Experimental Mechanics.  Ryan Livingston from Synoste gave insight into how the team in Finland are using ElectroPuls to lengthen bones and change lives.  Emanuele Sgambitterra, Calabria University, presented his research in Italy, on the fatigue and fracture mechanics of Shape Memory Alloys.

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The versatility of the machines were demonstrated through a number of application demos, including a test on the fatigue life of Spinal Implants, providing a second chance for patients suffering from chronic back problems.  The team discussed that the system can be optimised for validation tests, complex research or for simulation, demonstrated by a test where the ElectroPuls simulates a spring used in auto-injecting syringe design, for diabetes sufferers. 

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Day two was focused on advanced software training, operating techniques, tips and tricks.  Topics included: Optimising data acquisition, Advanced Control techniques, The Custom Calculations Module and a session on how to keep it simple and achieve the best results from your system.

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“Along with our customers, we’ve been on an exciting journey with ElectroPuls over the past 10 years.  It was great to see the ElectroPuls community in Europe come together to share research ideas and learn more about unlocking the full potential of their investment in ElectroPuls.  It was inspiring to see the range of real life challenges and applications that our customers are solving with ElectroPuls and we look forward to the next 10 years of ElectroPuls innovation to come.” Tim Palmer, Business Unit Manager for ElectroPuls.

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The team received positive feedback from all those involved.  An extract of which is given below:

“Thank you for the event this week! Both days were really interesting and it was really nice to meet many of the people who I’ve been emailing with. The members of your ElectroPuls team were all extremely helpful, smart, and polite. A really impressive team.” Ryan Livingston – Synoste

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