Putting History to the Test

Instron joins Dr. Metin Eren and Dr. Michelle Bebber from Kent State University's Experimental Archaeology Lab to discuss the important role their Instron universal testing system plays in their innovative research.

Automated Carousel Testing System

Instron’s Automated Carousel Testing System utilizes an innovative, adaptable design for testing of medical vials, cartridges, and pre-filled syringes. The small footprint allows it to be put on standard lab benches, adding automation to even the smallest labs.

WaveMatrix3: How to Easily Set Up Stress Channel Control Tests

Conveniently define your fatigue test in terms of stress with the help of WaveMatrix3 software.

Teams in Bluehill Central

Bluehill Central allows groups of users to be organized into teams who share common files and settings. An operator’s permissions and access to files are defined by their team.

Tensile Grip Guide

In this video, we discuss some of the key differentiators between the major tensile grip types, including manual versus powered and side action versus wedge. We cover how they work and their suitability in various testing scenarios, in addition to some recommendations for better throughput and efficiency.

Testing Insulin Delivery Devices

The treatment for diabetes is nearly as well known as the disease itself, namely the use of insulin pens, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose meters. Mechanical testing plays a crucial role in developing these devices and validating their functional performance.

WaveMatrix3: How to Rapidly Manipulate Datasets to Regenerate Graphs

The Review Test feature in WaveMatrix3 software displays recorded test data, allowing users to work with the graphs to inspect test performance.

About Instron: The Leading Force in Mechanical Testing

Founded in 1946, Instron quickly earned its reputation for innovation by pioneering the use of strain gauge load cells in universal testing machines. More than 75 years later, Instron is recognized as the global market leader in the materials testing industry, responsible for numerous industry firsts and continuously developing products and services to improve the testing experiences of our customers. Though many things have changed throughout the years, our core commitment remains the same. We are dedicated to providing leading-edge, best-in-class equipment and services to meet your mechanical testing needs.

Requesting Tech Support Using Instron Connect: Quick Tips from Instron Service

In this video, we explore the various methods available on the Instron Connect platforms for requesting technical support, ensuring you receive our fastest response time.