Preventive Maintenance

Protecting your Instron

Preventive maintenance scheduled at a time that suits your business will help ensure you get the most out of your materials testing equipment and minimize disruption to your operations. Each visit includes a pre-defined set of maintenance activities designed to maximize system uptime, maximize performance and extend the life of your testing system.

Instron’s engineers have access to the documentation, factory specified parts, and tools required to maintain your equipment at its peak performance..

Preventive Maintenance and Calibration

Preventive Maintenance, when coupled with Calibration and Software Support services, will protect your investment and provide the confidence that your system is operating.

Combining preventive maintenance and calibration services is the most convenient and economical way for you to meet ISO 9001, ASTM E4 and ASTM E83 compliance requirements. 

We will track scheduled service due dates and work with you to schedule necessary services in advance of due date deadlines. We can help you put together a support program suited to your budget and business needs.