Mechanical Wedge Lever Action Grips

T-Grip Holders are available in load capacities from 22.2 to 150 kN (5,000 to 33,750 lbf.) These economical and versatile assemblies are designed for simplified specimen insertion and removal, a feature that saves time and reduces operator fatigue, increasing productivity in repetitive testing operations.

Engineered to be adaptable to both hydraulic and electromechanical UTM's, most T-Grip Jaw Holders are available with an open front style that assists with simple insertion and removal of test specimens. 

An assortment of interchangeable jaws will fit in the T-Grip holders, which allows for the acceptance of a range of sizes in both flat and round specimens. To increase the ease of operation, the locking mechanism of the lower holder keeps the grip jaws open so that one-handed specimen insertion is possible. 

The upper and lower grip bodies are structurally the same. Each grip body has a pocket that holds a pair of grip jaws and utilizes a wedge design. This wedge design causes the grips to further tighten as load on the specimen is applied, reducing occurrences of slippage.


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