Bluehill® HV Software

Bluehill HV Software
Bluehill® HV Software enhances the ease of use of the testing system. The user can run tests, edit methods, analyze results or configure the system with a few clicks. The simplicity of the software allows the user to run tests with minimal effort increasing the laboratory efficiency and throughput.

Test Method Compliance 

 Bluehill HV Method Compliance

Create ISO and ASTM test templates with smart default values
so the user is ready to test with minimal setup time, increasing
laboratory efficiency. Bluehill HV Software provides the ability
to test samples to different methods simultaneously, helping
to optimize throughput.


Analysis of Test Results

 Bluehill HV Results Report

Test data, graphs and inputs are shown in a single screen
allowing the user to analyze results at a glance. Set acceptance
criteria to automatically reject out of tolerance samples. Create
report templates with minimal effort. Export and print test
reports or send test data to LIMS or TrendTracker.